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Charity Volunteers

Help CHange More Lives Today

Two Ripples

IMAGINE a pebble tossed into the water . . . 

Although you may not see where the pebble goes, the RIPPLE EFFECT is evident.


Many Connections Work programs and services are funded solely through community donations and agency fundraising event proceeds. Your gift will be supporting the following programs and services . . .

Reading in Tent


  • Sponsor a child of an incarcerated parent for the Holiday Gift Project

  • Help a returning citizen secure a valid ID, needed for employment

Food Truck Owner


  • Sponsor 5 children for the Holiday Gift Project

  • Fund the cost of transportation for 10 new workers

Image by K. Mitch Hodge


  • Sponsor 2 children for the Holiday Gift Project

  • Provide steel-toed boots for 3 new workers

Family Picnic


  • Sponsor a family for the Holiday Gift Project

  • Help 10 returning citizens secure valid IDs, needed for employment

Charity Volunteers

A Few Ways To Donate

Donate Now

Any amount helps our work within the community.

Collecting Money

Estate Planning

Support Connections Work through a Legacy gift. Please consider a gift by bequest.

Reviewing Paperworks

Wishlist Items

Help returning citizens get back on their feet.


Donate Monthly

A monthly committment allows us to provide long term planning.


Giving Societies

Are you eligible to be a Society Member?

Walking Through Fields

Contact Us

Please contact us directly to see how you can help.

Couple with Mobile Phone

To donate by check

Make check payable to Connections Work and mail to:

Connections Work

19 N. 6th Street, 4th Floor

Reading, PA 19601

Charity Volunteers

Policies and DOnor Bill Of Rights

To view information on our Donor Privacy Policy, Gift Acceptance and Solicitation Policy and Donor Bill of Rights, please click the link below:

Donor Privacy Policy

Gift Acceptance

Donor Bill of Rights

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