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Mental Health Forensic Diversion

Psychologist Session

Mental Health Forensic Diversion

Mental health disorders are overrepresented and under-treated in the criminal justice system.


The Mental Health Forensic Diversion Program at Connections Work, in collaboration with the Berks County Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities Program Office, seeks to decrease the incarceration rate of the non-violent mentally ill population and maintain community safety based on risk assessment. Once referred for diversion services, a team member meets with qualifying individuals to explain the voluntary nature of the program and ensure the applicant is committed to treatment and has a desire to remain crime free. Our team then works with each individual to make connections to effective supports, treatment, and services to reduce entry into standard criminal justice processing.

CIT Training
Kristy - CIT VR-headset Training
CIT Training

“We must get away from the national narrative regarding those living with mental health concerns and their interactions with law enforcement. Our program brings awareness to the important difference between responding to a behavior and reacting to it.” 

- Brandon Sands,

Mental Health Forensic Diversion Director

Diverting individuals suffering from mental health illness whose actions are solely driven by their Illness is the best outcome for not only the individual but also for the Criminal Justice System.  

- John T. Adams, District Attorney

Berks Co District Attorney’s Office

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training for Law Enforcement

Connections Work is hosting CIT  Certification Training for law enforcement at Alvernia University, May 13 -17, from 8:00 – 4:00. 


Many individuals suffer from Mental Health issues, and training Law Enforcement to recognize those in crisis will improve the outcomes of many of the interactions between Law Enforcement and those in crisis.  

John T. Adams, District Attorney

Berks County District Attorney’s Office


Through this program, Berks County law enforcement officers will be given more tools and hands-on training to respond to a mental health crisis.


In Berks County, Connections Work’s Mental Health Forensic Diversion team is delivering comprehensive diversion services tailored to address the need for increased mental health initiatives to support State and Municipal police departments. This innovative approach creates a blueprint to effect change across the nation.


We know our law enforcement partners are often the first responders to mental health emergencies and it is essential that we work in partnership with the knowledge and resources to provide responsive treatment alternatives. 

Pam Seaman, MPA


Berks County MH/DD Program


This event is made possible through cooperation with Connections Work, the Berks County MH/DD Program, and Alvernia University.

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For more information, email:

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