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Mock Interviews

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Community volunteers support Connections Work clients in workforce development programs and initiatives by serving in a variety of capacities.​

R3 Mock Interviews

Task: Connections Work provides Mock Interviews training/practice with each R3 cohort at our office at 19 N. 6th Street, 4th Floor, Reading. Volunteers are given an interview question sheet and a rubric to practice interviews with the clients and provide constructive feedback.

Commitment: Mock interviews occur approximately every 10 weeks.  Volunteers sign up for dates in advance; 2-3-hour timeframe. 

Requirements: No clearances are required. Preferred background in human resources or interview skills.

Career Fairs

Connections Work holds two fairs a year that allow individuals with criminal records to network with second-chance employers. Many volunteers are needed to provide support and job readiness assistance to our job seekers, including assistance with filling out job applications, mock interviews, and general job readiness coaching.

Commitment: Dates of the event vary; fairs are typically held in February and October, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

Requirements: No clearances are required. Preferred background in human resources or interview skills.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact

Training course

Mock Interviewing Volunteers


Working as a mock interviewer for Connections Work is one of my favorite volunteer activities. The guys I have interviewed have shown me that they are ready to work and want to show what they are capable of doing. As we give them the opportunity to practice, you can just see their confidence building and that is so rewarding. If we can help each guy to present himself as someone who made a mistake but is ready for a second chance, then employers will begin to see the potential sitting in front of them instead of seeing a liability. That is so gratifying to me!


Participating in mock interviews is a rewarding volunteer experience. The returning citizens are grateful for the opportunity to develop and practice their interviewing skills. They are appreciative for the time that volunteers spend with them and the feedback that they receive from the volunteer interviewers. I am glad to help these individuals prepare for their search for employment as they are getting ready to re-enter society.

Cole Golden_volunteer_edited_edited_edit

I really enjoy my time doing mock interviews at Connections Work.  It is very rewarding to know that you are helping someone who has a sincere interest in helping themselves and others through solid employment as returning citizens.  Many of them have goals and aspirations.  I have found that my background in interviewing is beneficial.  But, anyone who enjoys a conversation with other people can provide them with the practice they need to understand how to listen and reply to questions about employment.  Since the questions are outlined for you the conversations often flow easily.  I have seen first-hand how some returning citizens have excelled in their careers.

Rich Durina_volunteer_edited.jpg

I have been volunteering with Connections Work for almost 2 years. Whether it is doing mock interviews, attending job fairs, resume writing or speaking at some of their events, I am always glad to give back. They do a wonderful job and with my experience in Human Resources if I can change one life it was worth it for me.

Training course

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