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Construction Workers

In my ongoing conversations with local employers across all industries, the need to attract and retain talent in a challenging labor market remains their major barrier to full business recovery and future growth. Local employers will want to consider registering for the Connections Work Returning Citizens Job Fair where they will meet with a diverse group of eager job-seekers who might be a good match for their current and future needs.

Dan Fogarty, COO, Berks County Workforce Development Board

Construction Workers

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Connecting employers with skilled workers


The career fair is open to all job seekers in the Berks community with past or present justice involvement. This is a chance for many reentrants to pursue a career with companies offering second chances.  We appreciate your support of Connections Work workforce development efforts and the community!

Construction Workers


How We Work

Connections Work helps meet EMPLOYER NEEDS by providing individuals having criminal justice system involvement with the skills and tools needed to reenter the workforce as successful employees.

We prepare our clients to be WORKFORCE READY by assisting with the following:

  • Ensuring clients have proper identification needed for employment.

  • Essential Skill Training focusing on conflict resolution, decisiveness, problem-solving, and communication skills.

  • Skill assessments using WIN Learning Tool to help identify strengths, literacy, and numeracy competencies.

  • Basic trade skills training for clients enrolled in our Registered Pre-Apprenticeship program including OSHA 10 Certification.

  • Financial Literacy Support to establish bank accounts and budget and savings habits.

  • Necessary footwear for the job or other PPE not provided by the employer.

Second Chance job applicants provide a talent pool filled with varied skills and experiences. Benefits for employers include:

  • Pre-screening applicants reducing time/cost during the interview process, providing pre-qualified candidates.

  • Retention support to employers. Our Employment Development Specialist engages with Case Managers and Parole officers to attain information that might explain change in an employees' behavior and help get the employee back on track.

  • Case management supporting clients post hire, helping them work through issues before they interfere with work performance.


Construction Workers

Join Fellow Employers

Meeting at the office

Join other employers who are employing returning citizens and providing second chances. To learn more please contact our Employment Development Specialist:

Construction Workers

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