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Our Life Improvement Ambassadors

Dr. Ann T. Gundry

2020 Life Improvement Ambassador

Connections Work recognized Dr. Ann T. Gundry as the 2020 Life Improvement Ambassador. Since our organization was founded, in 1975, Ann had been dedicated to improving the lives of incarcerated women.

In the early 1970’s Ann and Connie, Ann’s wife of many years, learned of the need for programming and support for women incarcerated at the Berks County Jail. They enlisted the help of their Women’s Action group at Kutztown University to visit the Women’s quarters at the Jail every Monday night for Volleyball and punch and cookies. The Women’s Action group later became FMLA – Feminists Majority Leadership Alliance which focuses on issues such as self-empowerment. At its conclusion, Ann began volunteering as a mentor for women at the Jail.

Ann demonstrated a significant dedication and commitment to our organization, and championed our cause and furthered our mission of inspiring hope and supporting second chances.

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