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Reentry Works!

Reentry Works is open to individuals in Berks County with current or past justice system involvement. The program helps clients become reliable and successful employees and helps address issues of unemployment and the underemployment for this population. The program uses a case-managed approach and creates individualized employment plans for our clients. The program’s curriculum includes skill, education, and experience assessments; financial literacy; employment preparedness; computer labs; and employer recruitment.

Funding for this grant is through a $10 million gift United Way of Berks County received from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott.

Call to make an appointment: 484-260-3860


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Reentrants &


The Rebuilding Reentrants and Reading (R3) Program is a registered pre-apprenticeship program in the construction trades.

This 8-week program is comprised of three things:

  • Career & technical education at Reading Muhlenberg Career & Technology Center and Berks Career and Technology Center

  • Hands-on learning at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts Woodworking Studio

  • Employment focused cognitive curriculum and job readiness skills delivered by Connections Work staff

Participants have the ability to receive:

  • Up to $2,300 stipend over 8 weeks

  • Job search and placement assistance

  • Flagger and OSHA Safety Certifications

  • Credit toward Associated Builders and Contractors Keystone and Eastern PA Chapters PLUS select Berks Career and Technology Center Apprenticeship Programs


R3 is the only registered pre-apprenticeship program in Pennsylvania 

exclusively serving reentrants!


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Recovery Works!

Connections Works

Understanding that our expertise with the justice involved is transferrable to others with barriers to success has led Connections Works to expand programming to other populations.  Thanks to support from the Council on Chemical Abuse BCPS has launched our first ever workforce development program not limited to  individuals with justice system involvement. 


Recovery Works is a robust workforce development program for individuals with an Opioid Use Disorder and for those for whom opioids have played a part in their substance abuse history. Connections Works Case Managers will provide Connections Works workforce readiness curriculum, develop individualized employment plans and assist participants with job search, placement, and retention! We are excited to be able to assist Recovery Works participants in their recovery journey!

This program is made possible in whole by funds received through the Berks County Opioid Settlement Agreement.

Call to make an appointment: 484-260-3860


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Working Towards Change (WTC)

Working Towards Change (WTC) provides case management both pre- and post-release from the Berks County Jail System (BCJS).  WTC Case Managers complete a thorough assessment with the client to help prioritize targets for change. The client and their Case Manager work together to develop a release plan, set goals and objectives, and identify resources needed to achieve them.


Post-release, clients continue to work with their Case Manager to address any immediate needs, such as housing, ID, food, clothing, and medication. They will complete an employment curriculum, including resume building, interviewing skills, proper job search, completing applications, financial literacy, and job retention. All participants have access to the Computer Based Learning Center (CBLC) as well as employment opportunities cultivated by the Employment Development Specialist. Case management services continue for one year after release from BCJS.

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Work in Progress (WIP)

WIP is a comprehensive reentry workforce development program for current or former justice-involved individuals who have a mental health or dual diagnosis and are currently receiving case management services with a mental health provider.

As part of the program, participants will:

  • Undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine appropriate service provision.

  • Receive one-on-one and group instruction for job preparedness and essential skills training, financial literacy, and a workforce-focused cognitive behavioral intervention curriculum.

  • Develop a comprehensive employment plan with the WIP case manager to establish goals, objectives, and tasks.

  • Work with WIP CM and Employment Development Specialist to identify prospective employment opportunities.

  • Receive ongoing case management and retention support for at least one year.

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