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"When I came out of the Berks County Jail I didn’t know where I was going, didn’t have a job, no clothes, no directions really. I went to groups when I was in the Reentry Program and took Intro to Reentry, Resume Writing, Ready to Succeed and Ready to Reenter. In the groups, they told me how to improve my living situations and that we aren’t alone. Usually I wouldn’t do any of my follow-ups when coming out of jail, but Connections Work helped me to get my things in order and go do what I have to, to start all over in public. Now with their help, I got my job back, I started to rebuild my family and put what needs to be done first."


"Connections Work also helped me get my ID, my birth certificate, gave me a voucher for clothes, and are still helping me get to work. I am glad I did these groups and I am willing to still accept their help.  I am thinking of doing the R3 program. I want to thank Michelle, Sara, Erinn, and all of Connections Work. Thank you."

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